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At AVM Homes, we understand how critical it is to be able to take care of ourselves in our own home. Because the bathroom is such a tight space, it can be challenging to make it ADA compliant. However, each added detail can be a game changer for those who are seniors, have limited mobility, arthritis, pain, and others who need the support and safety an accessible friendly bath offers. 


Not just anyone can build a bathroom that is fully ADA compliant. There are strict dimensions for floor space, sinks & countertops, faucets & toilet seats for accessibility. Part of a compliant room can be a barrier-free shower or specially designed tub. A few elements that can be added include grab bars, non-slip tile & shower seats. 


There’s no reason you can’t have both form and function in your bathroom. Make it safer, friendlier, and more beautiful all in one remodel. 

Grab Bars

Shower Seats

Barrier Free Showers

Non-slip ADA Compliant Tile

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